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Location of the Hotel


The Hotel Dillinger Hof is situated in a conveniently accessible location in the Dillingen’s industrial park. The fairgrounds of Augsburg are 50 Kilometres away from the Hotel. Within a few minutes you will reach the train station in Dillingen by car.


Route planner

Start                                                   Destination

Street                                                 Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 8

Postcode Place                                   89407 Dillingen an der Donau


Contact and Bookings

Hotel Dillinger Hof

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 8


89407 Dillingen a.d.Donau

Please feel welcome to contact us:


Telephone:   +49 9071 5874-0


Telefax:   +49 9071 8323






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Hotel Dillinger Hof,Rudolf-Diesel-Str.8 89407 Dillingen a.d.Donau. Telefon: +49 9071 5874-0